Farrington Newsletter…

If you have some time today please take a minute or so to download our most recent newsletter.  We hope that all of you are having a great summer!

Our Mid-Summer Newsletter

Thank you for your interest, prayers and support.  We are very blessed!

Chris & Krista Farrington

C & K

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Goings on in Nicalandia…

Thank you to everyone who is praying for us and the things God is doing here over the summer!  It has been exciting and we appreciate the prayers!

Beautification at Club EsperanzaNorfolk Christian School from Virginia did some excellent beautifying of the garden in the entry areas.  Lots of colors on the wall all around, planting of some new plants, but mostly GRASS!!!  The front area is green!  We are gonna try to keep little feet off of it (don’t you remember elementary school…I was always getting yelled at by teachers…”stay off the grass” LOL!).  It really makes it beautiful out front to have all the color!

10462844_10202096775567863_1317975530818703059_n 1511604_10202096775447860_4553151723582799087_n10464212_10202096780367983_5086227318144701409_n 10418295_10202096772607789_1393973067481286671_n 10308070_10202096770687741_6313519512601224996_n

And the painting goes on…Norfolk also visited Casa Robles and cleaned up all the kids rooms really nice with new colors and trim!

10480982_10202098659214953_3402635206703238377_n 10457569_10202098677135401_7789899646392696014_n10393838_10202098633454309_9011293565249214341_n

Then out at Ruby Ranch the Norfolk gang built a platform on a hill top which will be part of a future camping site for doing overnight camps out at the Double R!

photo 3 photo 1

Valor Christian School from Colorado also joined us this summer and spent alot of their time out at Ruby Ranch.  They also put together some really fun days for the kids at Casa Havilah & Casa Robles.  It was futbol fever down here during the World Cup and the team made the boys’ day by getting them the official World Cup soccer album…and of course playing some pick up games in the garage!

photo 17 photo 16photo 19

This sequence of photos is called Giant Human Beach Ball named Marcos…

photo 11 photo 12 photo 13 photo 14

And this one is called…Hey Goalie just let the kid score will ya?!?!

photo 8 photo 9 photo 7 photo 6

The summer is full of life down here and we love being able to minister to and bless kids that we love with friends of our from the States!  God is good.

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Happy 4th…Oh Happy Days…

Happy 4th of July America…we lit up the sky down here in Nicaragua too.  Thank you Uncle Brinson and and Uncle Moses for making it an awesome show!  We had some friends from out of town, Casa Havilah, Casa Robles, and even some neighbors came over with their out of town guest.  Happy Birthday U-S-A!!!! 

IMG_6363 photo 7photo 5 photo 6

Oh Happy Day, You’ve washed my sins away…before our fireworks extravaganza we had an awesome Spirit Filled baptism at the pool with five of the girls from Casa Havilah.  Jaquelin, Pamela, Keren, Marielena, and Naydelin all have wanted to get baptized and Mamma Jenny suggested we have it here at the Buzbees.  It was so awesome; words from Mr. Buzbee, prayer for each of them, their individual testimonies that had tears in everyone’s eyes, and the presence of the Lord was there with us in a powerful way as each one was baptized.  This is a powerful moment for them in their lives.  Their individual proclamation that they believe in Jesus and also the work that God is doing in their lives personally.  Healing and liberating in deep ways.  Praise Jesus!

IMG_6342 IMG_6346  IMG_6339 IMG_6349

Oh Happy Super awesome summer Intern!!!….We have had the greatest pleasure to have Anna-Bel Chambers join us this summer with our Narrow Gate summer internship here with Open Hearts.  To say she is awesome would be an understatement, such a blessing to our family and to the crazy ministry going on here in Nicaragua.  If you have a chance, check out her blog (CLICK HERE) to get some of her summer perspectives…

img_0477 photo 8

Happy Days, Mema is in Nicaragua!!!…Mema (Chris’s Mom…can’t you tell?!?) is here visiting from Miami, we are so thankful that we live close enough where we can have our family visit.  The summer is fun and exciting, but with Mema the fun quadruples!!!

photo 9 photo 8 photo 6 photo 5IMG_7856 IMG_7905

Happy Day the Murrays are in the house!…Melissa, Coburn, Cobbies & baby girl Murray moved down to Nicaragua in July.  Ah it is so fun to have them back down here, our kiddos are already looking for Cobbies all the time.  Baby Murray is due in September and if you want to keep up with Murray news check out their sweet website or click here for their recent newsletter.  JuJu has got her little bud to hang out with :)

photo 9 10255551_10154198649960381_6836639413913351581_n

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to our baby Girl Aliyah!!!…We always remember her birthday during the fireworks shows on the 4th of July because that night nine years ago soon after hitting the sack the fireworks started again and Aliyah was born early the next morning.  We are really starting to experience that “our baby is growin up” and as sad as it is on the one hand, on the other it is so sweet.  She gets things, she shares with us, she loves the Lord and reading his word, she smiles and yells alot, she is indeed growing up and we so look forward to our baby girl’s future.

Krista, all the Aunties & Grammas put together a spectacular Anne of Green Gables  “picnic on the green” Birthday Party.  Aliyah, some friends and her younger Aunties all got gussied up in old bridesmaid dresses and had Tea under the Grapefruit trees.  If you didn’t know where we were you may have thought it was on set from the movie…it was so awesome!  Aliyah loved it.  Mommy is so great at making their birthdays fun!

IMG_9723 IMG_9675 IMG_9739 IMG_9745 IMG_9657 photo 10IMG_9647 IMG_9782

If you got all the way here to the bottom we want to say thank you for caring about us and praying for our family here in Nicaragua.  Thank you for your prayers over the different ministries as well.  God is good and has been moving in special and powerful ways over the last few months.  We are grateful that His Spirit is with us and is moving…that the Lord’s Kingdom would come and will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

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Mother’s & Father’s Day fun…

These activities are big time down here in Nicaragua, especially Mother’s Day.

As a father, I love my children.  I wan’t to be everything they need!  I know I am flesh and will never be able to meet all their needs.  So, I pray for them and I ask God to be everything they need right now and into their futures, even though I find myself these days wanting them to stop growing.  I love holding my little girls hands inside of mine, they are beautiful.  I love throwing the football and kicking a soccer ball with my boy…skinny as a rail but he is quick!  It doesn’t escape me that I am blessed as a father, so I thank Jesus every day for that…Krista and I both do.

We hope you all had great days celebrating Moms & Dads!

Bella’s fun little Mother’s Day Show

   photo 6 photo 7 photo 9

Crammed into a little room to watch the show with all the parents…what should parents do?…take a selfie I suppose…


Casa Robles had a special Mother’s Day event we got to go to…you can see that parents rushing forward with cameras is International…Marcos got up there and sung a solo for all of the Parents…he is fearless!

IMG_9579 IMG_9584IMG_9578 photo 11

The Little Buzbees put on a Mother’s Day show too…they are all growin’ up!

photo 10

We stopped by and visited Mrs. Margarita too!  She is well into her 80s and doing well…she is faithfully taking care of her sister Ruby’s house since Ruby passed away.  We still have great prayer meetings at Miss Ruby’s house!


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Ruby Ranch…Bridge Preservation & Citrus Plantation

There is news to come from plans at Ruby Ranch this summer; camps, constructions, agriculture endeavors, bon fires, cliff climbing & Geronimo slides.  We’ll look forward to telling those stories throughout the summer, but wanted to share some of the recent happenings first…

There is a small bridge at the entrance to the Double R and we needed to reinforce that bridge to prevent land erosion.  Krista’s brother Brinson, innovator extraordinaire, devised a plan with Chele (Ruby Ranch’s foreman…click for his facebook page) and here is the end result….Go Big or Go Home baby!

photo 3 photo 4 photo 2 photo 5Looks good right?  Hundreds of bags filled with earth, stacked high and wide and then covered with cement mud to create the perfect retention wall.

Also, in a step towards developing some production at Ruby Ranch, Brinson planted some of the acreage with a citrus grove.  Please pray for good rains and giant fruit!!!  Here is the grove at its first stages….rows and rows of baby citrus.

photo 6


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iPhone 6 is coming out soon…

But we just want to let everyone know that that thing will forever pale in comparison to “Buzbee Rancho 2.0″ at Quinta Havilah :)

photo 7 photo 5 photo 6

We are looking forward to a great summer.  Norfolk Christian School from Virginia arrived Monday night and are the first to gather in the remodeled rancho here at Quinta Havilah.  We’re looking forward to this being a place where many gather to worship the Lord, gather in fellowship, find rest from the sun, and enjoy life as they serve the Lord here in Nicaragua!

We will see some of you all soon.

Please keep us all in your continued prayers over the busy summer months.  We are excited about the great things God continues to do down here in Nicaragua!

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Goings on at Club Cristiana La Esperanza…

Life has been fun and exciting as of late and we wanted to share about some of the things that have been going on at the Club.  Finishing off paying for the new location was such an awesome “Proeza del Señor”…Praise God again for that demonstration of His provision!

One of the next steps at Club Esperanza is working to finish the second building that was left unfinished by the previous owner when they abandoned the location.  It is a big shell of a building that we hope turn into our Tutoring Center/Dining Hall.  A multipurpose building…remember “Cafetoriums”???


As we mentioned in our newsletter we had a group of High School Students from Atlanta come down with a friend Jeff Flavin.  This was a trip years in the making and it was awesome…they took the first crack at working on the building.  Clearing the trees that had grown inside, leveling the floor and laying a concrete floor inside.  These kids were troopers, working in the blaring sun in the hottest time of year here in Nicaragua.  It was the end of the dreaded Dry Season where it hasn’t rained in five months, the Sun is brutal, and everything is dead.  They said, we got it…we wanna Dominate for Jesus!

IMG_0297 IMG_0290IMG_0299 IMG_0311IMG_0310 IMG_0307

The team also had lots of fun with the kids at the Club.  A father and daughter combo took care of lunch one of the days.  He works as a distributor for McDonalds back home so we made the contact in Managua and gave the kids a really fun treat….MickeyDzzzz at lunch time!

Following up on the Atlanta team was a group from Austin Samaritans in Texas.  I forgot to take pictures of their work times, but they busted some concrete work too.  They “threw mud” at all the unfinished walls.  Basically putting the final layer of concrete on the walls.  Lots of hard work and another step towards finishing the building. 

IMG_0519 IMG_0522IMG_0521

The Austin Samaritans group also brought the drama…in the form of the story of the “Good Samaritan”.  Costumes and all, they taught the children one of the great parables that Jesus taught.  A very important lesson for children to learn at a young age, do not just pass by those who are in trouble.  Stop what you are doing, help the ones in trouble, and go beyond what you think you are able to do!  It was hard not to smile at all the cute little robbers :)


A blessing from the US Embassy Auction…we were able to get two giant tents for 1/4 of the cost at auction.  We put one up inside the building  we are working to finish since there is no roof yet.  This way we could use the space since we have the floor poured now. We used the other tent for shade by the kitchen so the kids don’t have to stand in the sun when they wait in line for lunch…shelter from the Sun. They will provide shelter from rain too since the rains are on their way…we are just about to start the rainy season.  These tents will also give great shelter for the students in our tutoring program that used to meet outside under a tree.  The tree wouldn’t have worked for the rains hahaha!  

Thank you for your continued prayers for Club Esperanza.  Please pray that Jesus’s light, His truth, and His love permeate ever single activity at Club Esperanza and the lives of young people are changed!  Amen.


This is one of our preschoolers…had to add her picture because she is so CUTE!

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