Lots of Family Happenings…

IMG_1681 10593015_10102231602213098_11400779909003924_n

The sweetest little baby in all of Nicaragua was born early last month.  Adelyn Melissa Murray was born on September 3rd to Melissa & Coburn.  After an exciting adventure getting to the hospital and laboring baby Adelyn was born and mom and dad were doing well…the Lord is so good with the blessing of life and as Coburn said a few days after “I am blessed & highly favored…here is my proof”…Amen.  Aunt Krista was really excited to get to be there for the birth, it was a first for her to be there with one of her sister’s having a baby, which was so exciting!  And of course the little primas were super excited about Adelyn’s birth and they got to come visit in the hospital the next day!

 IMG_1725 IMG_1740 IMG_1744 IMG_1733

Gramma and Papa were as excited as ever to have the birth of their SIXTH grandbaby…God is good and his blessings are abundant!


And if you are wondering what little Cobbie was up to while Daddy was getting mommy to the hospital and mommy was bringing lil Adelyn into the world, well don’t you worry!  His cousins had everything under control back at home :)

IMG_1481 IMG_1482

Mason, our little man turned 7 on September 22nd!!!

Mason has been excited for months because he knew he was going to have a Lego Star Wars birthday!  Krista was wondering how that was going to come together, but it came together so well!  Here is the photographic evidence…mommy loves her babies because she makes crazy things happen for their birthdays!

IMG_3861 IMG_3877 IMG_3855 IMG_1592

IMG_1559 IMG_3904 IMG_3898 IMG_1584

What do I love about my son?  I love that he asks me to play football, soccer, basketball or any other kind of sport that we are watching at the time.  I love that he goes full speed until he is soaking from sweat, and that he doesn’t complain even though he is pretty much always gonna be smaller than the other guys.  I love Mason’s sweet heart, whenever I am out of town I know I can ask Mason to give mommy a kiss in the morning and tell her I love her, and he won’t forget to do it.  Our son is a great blessing to our lives…so celebrating his birthday was so much fun!  And he got so many Lego presents that he almost fell over from excitement…lots of cool lego ships rolling around these days.

IMG_3927 IMG_3935

We want to send a special shot out and thank you to our friend Melissa who visited us for a week.  Melissa is a long time friend and we were blessed to have her…Melissa was a HUGE help to Krista making Mason’s birthday world…thank you Melissa!  She also brought some fun for the boys at Casa Robles…here is a picture of her delivery of Xbox games that made them all break out dancing, no joke!


A Wedding Celebration:  Chris’s brother John tied the knot

I got to travel home at the end of September for my brother John’s wedding.  It was a real blessing to be a part of and it was so much fun to get to see family that I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  We pray God’s richest blessing on John and his new bride Stephanie!

IMG_1643 IMG_1648

IMG_1647 IMG_1676 IMG_1660 IMG_1665

IMG_1652 IMG_1681 2

And if life isn’t always full of some random thing, it would be silly to end a family update from Nicaragua without some crazy thing like our kids catching iguanas with Uncle Moses and trying to get it into a box!!!  

IMG_1851 IMG_1845 IMG_1844

We want to always say thank you to everyone who prays for us and supports us as missionaries here in Nicaragua.  We like to share updates on our family too so you can know some of the “normal” stuff that goes on in our lives aside from the different ministry projects the Lord has going here.  Your prayers sustain us so please make a note in your prayer journal, put us on your prayer list, or pray for us when we randomly come to mind! 

God is so good and we are very blessed.  If you would like the information on how to support our ministry projects in Nicaragua or our family as missionaries click here.

Have a great weekend!  God Bless from NicaraguaLandia. 

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Adventures in Agriculture….

 IMG_1466    In recent months developing some agricultural production has been something the Lord has begun to facilitate.  Nicaragua has land with rich volcanic soil that is really good for growing all different types of fruits and vegetables.  Our ministry centers all include feeding children and it has always been on our mind to try and find a way to produce food for our centers.  We have the land at Ruby Ranch and also near Club Esperanza to make something happen.  We’ve got the soil, we’ve got the land and we’ve definitely got the need…So the adventures in agriculture have begun!!!

Christ Journey Church (our home church in Miami) has been a real impetus in getting this off the ground.  We had an Ag team come down this summer and lay the irrigation and prep at Ruby Ranch.  They also brought all the supplies for a nursery to sprout seed before planting them.  Then, just this last month we had a Honda tiller arrive in the mail!

IMG_1449 2 IMG_1454

Dr. David Lane from the original Ag team made a return trip to Nicaragua this month to give us some agricultural training.  Uncle Chris (a.k.a. Farmer John) has spent the previous month getting the nursery up and running and planting a small garden here at the Buzbees to do some trials.  So it was fun to gather around and get some training on things from an expert and be able to have some of the project already up and running.

IMG_3684 IMG_3653

Then this past week was the first planting out at Ruby Ranch.  Uncle Brinson, Uncle Timo and Uncle Chris loaded up the tiller, and several trays of plantings into “old Red” and made the adventure trip out to the farm where Dr. Dave had prepared the garden.  The garden at Ruby Ranch is about the size of half a football field so we hope to get some really awesome production from the farm!

photo 1 photo 2 image 2 image

So now the adventure is waiting to see what kind of harvest the Lord produces.  Our hope is to feed hundreds of people everyday during the harvest with fruit and vegetables directly from the land.  Will you please pray for the harvest to be full?  For great blessings on these agricultural adventures!!!  Amen.

God is so good and we praise His name on this adventure.  Everything we hope to do down here in Nicaragua is centered on glorifying the Lord.  We really hope that producing this food and feeding people who are hungry glorifies his name in a beautiful way.  We look forward to sharing news in the future from the harvest.

We also want to send a special thank you to Dr. Tschirhart who made the trip down with Dr. Lane to follow up on some lingering dental problems…Praise Jesus for your great blessing Dr. T!

IMG_1462 2

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“What exactly is a plethora El Guapo?”

Ah, I hope at least somebody laughed with me when reading that title…remember the movie “Three Amigos”?  It is a classic comedy, and that quote comes to my mind at random moments.  This is one of those moments, because what we have here is a plethora of a blog post!  God is good, thank you for all of your prayers this summer!


photo  IMG_0955
We want to send a long overdue “Thank You” to Rachael Paris for her work this summer at Club Espernaza!  All the teachers raved about her way with the kids and how she put them in line, which is a huge compliment because some of these kids are crazy!  Praise God, we so appreciated the extra help during your stay here Rachael!  All the kids miss Teacher Raquel and send you their besitos!  And the girls from Havilah send hugs too!

IMG_0842 IMG_0850 IMG_0857The third level of preschool had a fun little time planting plants in our garden during “Tree Day” in Nicaragua.  It was so sweet, because they all brought little plants from their houses in cans, bags, plastic bottles…it was obvious they had been growing at home…and we planted them together at the club!  Getting your hands dirty is the best way to learn.

IMG_1134    IMG_1122 IMG_1119

We got an excellent upgrade to our main gathering area….Ceiling FANS!!!  Thanks to a group with Austin Samaritans from Austin, TX we got five new fans installed.  The days can be long and hot here and having these fans installed makes it easier for everybody…especially the kiddos!  It was an adventure putting them in amongst all the action of the day…but they are up and running!  The kids all had a great time with the group as well; playing different games, reenacting Bible stories, and just hanging out together…we only lost once sconce off of a fan!!!  It was a blessed time together at the club.

IMG_0963 IMG_0958

Lacrosse The Nations keeps our ongoing lacrosse program running at the club.  They make due with a small space, but the kids love the game.  I am pretty sure we are the only place in all of Nicaragua that has Lacrosse.  But the way these kids play, I think it will catch on around Managua.  I know they already have a second location going!


I had a little fun with Josue this day as he was having lunch at the feeding program…I was trying to get him to share his lunch with me, he wasn’t having any part of it.  He had that big chunk of meat and gave me a look like “are you kidding me”.  Smart Kid.  Cute Kid.  We continue to feed nearly 300 children every day of the week at Club Espernaza!    Praise Jesus!

IMG_1167 IMG_1175 IMG_1170

IMG_1165We also had visitors from Florida that are part of an organization called Beautiful Feet.  We hunkered down at the Club for the week working on painting the kitchen and some of the outside parts of the wall that were unfinished.  They also took the kids on field trips to the Zoo, Volcano, Ruby Ranch, Soccer…it was such a blast!  One of the leaders from the group always had a crowd around him…he did some of the craziest magic tricks I have ever seen!  As you can imagine, it was fun to watch all of the students trying to figure out what was going on.  I mean really, I have seen magic tricks before, but I had no clue what was happening!  It was much fun!

IMG_1280 IMG_1284 IMG_1283

We recently received a donation that is going to allow us to begin working on some of the much needed construction projects at the Club.  We mentioned some of these recently when we made our last payment on purchasing the Club land.  Well we are off to a great start.  We replaced the fixed glass windows in the main area with windows that actually open!  It is glorious and with the new fans it is a much better environment to learn, Praise God!  We also put some metal work on the front of the new windows to prevent theft, and they look nice too!  In the near future we hope to finish the exterior wall, improve the playground area, and put a roof on the Feeding/Tutoring Center.  Praise Jesus we are moving one step at a time!  Thank you for your continued prayers!

 IMG_1287 IMG_1237

We have a small computer lab at the Club which we are realizing is a HUGE blessing to offer the students that come for our tutoring programs.  This is a place we are hoping to expand as we finish our second building and have more space.  Please be in prayer for more computers and a perfect space!

IMG_1440 IMG_1443

We have also begun to grow some vegetables on the piece of land we have down by the lake.  We hope this small crop of Pipiyan (local squash) can give us a good nutritional supplement to our meals at the Club.  The crop has to make it first, but we definitely are happy to be using this land in the new neighborhood.


IMG_1321 IMG_1318

The multi year roof project at Casa Robles took another step forward this past week.  We have finally gotten to the front of the house in an effort to stop the leaking!  Some of the worst leaks were up front, but we saved it for last because nobody sleeps on the front patio.  But little rivers did flow and we hope they stop now!  Praise God for this ongoing project…this home is a huge blessings and gives our Robles family a great safe and secure place to live and grow!  Our next step is closing in the front area of the house.

IMG_1383 IMG_1382

Nicaragua has a Military expo and so it was without a doubt that we were making the trip over with the kids from Casa Robles.  It was a wild experience to climb in all the tanks and giant machinery, but what was even crazier is they let you hold all of the guns…including RPGs.  Let me just say…Gun Safety isn’t as emphasized in Nicaragua as it is in the USA.  There were no live rounds, but it was still a bit wild to see.  The kids had a great time!  We older folks did too!

IMG_1369 IMG_1366 IMG_1362 IMG_1360


IMG_1146 IMG_1103

Aunt Grammies (Krist’s Aunt Kris) came to visit and help the family this summer.  We were so blessed because she stayed with us in our house and we had such a blast with Tia!!!  And you know what, its the little things that sometimes make life easier…waking up every morning to coffee already made was awesome!  Thank you for letting us be lazy parents Aunt Grammies!!!  We love and miss you!


Chris & Mason made a trip to Esteli to watch a soccer game.  Sporting Kansas City from MLS in the USA was in the country playing against the best team from Nicaragua Real Esteli.  It was a fun adventure, and we were pretty much the only ones cheering for Kansas City!  But everyone was nice, and Esteli pulled off a 1-1 Tie.

IMG_1215 IMG_1204

The little girls keep growing…Aliyah is quite the gymnast.  We were sitting on the floor one day and she just climbed on Chris’s shoulders and stood right up.  We think it is from playing with her Aunts in the pool…but it was impressive!

IMG_0864 IMG_0863

Note to Parents:  Don’t flush baby wipes down the toilet!  Four children’s worth of baby wipes ruined our septic system.  This is what it looks like when you have to replace the entire leach field…at least the tank could be cleaned!  Grosssssss!!!!

IMG_1386 IMG_1253

No it is never really cold enough for a bonfire here, but Aliyah invited everyone to the bottom of the hill for smores and a bonfire and lemonade.  It turned into a really fun family evening together…it even got a little cool…i mean I am talking 85 degrees but it was nice.  The smores and lemonade were great, and it was fun to all be together after a busy summer of running ten different directions.  Thank you Aliyah!



The Lord continues to move mightily at Miss Ruby’s house when we gather to pray there.  Thank you for all of the prayers for that time.  We went to the prayer house with hundreds of people this summer, to worship God, to pray over each other, to share a time together in God’s presence…set apart and focused on the Lord.  Thank you Jesus that you are real, that you are alive, that you care about us, and that you move in our lives!  Amen.

We hope that God richly blessed your summer as well and we hope that the school year in the United States starts well for all of you up there.  And for all of the rest of our family and friends around the world we hope the fall is beautiful for you!

God Bless!  Love, The Farringtons

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Monday Morning Funnies…

photoKrista’s grandmother Shirley (who our kids call Gigi) sent this email to us last week…she had me cracking up in my chair.  I hope her perspective on a “typical day” here in Nicaragua makes you smile this morning :)

This is supposed to be funny !  A Joke on me !     . . .     My  Daughter Sue took me to US. Embassy today to renew my passport.  We had a driver dressed neatly, and Sue looked like a sophisticated secretary dressed in black.  She had called, checked for appt,  found out they opened @ 1 PM, but to come at 1:15, for no waiting.     . . .   We first went down the Hgwy for the passport picture.  As we drove, I realized with horror,   that I did not have my tooth in.  (Replacement for broken tooth when I cracked it on frozen candy bar Leaving a space).  Sue was chewing gum, so we designed a gum tooth.   Ha ha. . . . Then no glasses, take my glasses off, and I was shocked !  My makeup on my eyes made one eye go up,  and one eye down.  I looked drunk, or incapacitated. Or worse yet,  very old.  . . . So with my eyes askew, my crooked mouth with no smile,  bright red lipstick,   I had my picture taken. . . .              Next step,  get the old lady delivered to the embassy. in a high van, in front of the line of 75 people waiting.         . . . Our driver brought a small step ladder.  It was normally just one large step up or down,   but 3 steps  for me,  with artificial hips. . . . So we pulled up, and i got out, hearing my daughter say we have an appt. and I can’t stand in line long.  The officer ran to get me a wheelchair,  and they pushed me in,  passed all others with gaping mouths. . . . . .  They took my umbrella away ( it did look like a weapon).  But didn’t check the beeper, when it went off.  Of course, I had a metal wheelchair.  Ha ha . . . .    Once inside Sue took care of the paper work and payment, etc., and I rode merrily out without a word, passed a large group still waiting.   . . .  I told Sue,  I could have a Russian accent for all they know,  never asking the old lady to speak.  . . . Once outside, in reverse, in my wheelchair  I passed the gaping mouths,  to my ladder beside the van,  up 3 steps and away we went. . . .    . . . The accident we passed on the way in,  was still waiting for the police to come.  And, it started to rain.    . . . What a pleasant day.  I am lucky to be 84.   Ha ha.     Luv, Shirley

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Christ Journey Church from Miami, FL…

Ah it has been a week since a medical & agricultural team from our home church Christ Journey left Nicaragua.  It is not for lack of love that the blogpost is delayed…we had such an outstanding time with them!  God is so good and our family is blessed a thousand times over by our church.  Thank you all again for this amazing trip and extraordinary blessings!  

If you don’t have a church home wherever you live around the world, Christ Journey is online.  Church online isn’t only a broadcast of the service, but also a chance for live interaction with the ministry team at ChristJourney.tv  Click the link for service time…next one is in an hour.  If you are looking for some Spiritual food, check it out.


photo 7 photo 6 photo 10 photo 12 photo 5

We took the assembled team of doctors and dentists to different sites in the city and further out into the counrty side of Nicaragua.  All told the team served over 600 people with medical and dental attention.  The beautiful thing about this type of team is the opportunity to minister to the individual spiritual needs of people as well….and it wasn’t just for the people crying out to Jesus as they were sitting into the dental chair! :)  Hundreds of people received spiritual and medical attention, Amen!

Probably one of the sweetest moments was when the team finished up two days of clinic at a small rural church in the town of La Concha.  The members of the church had individually purchased gifts and presented them to each individual member of the team!  It was such a sweet ceremony put together by this small church expressing their gratitude…Christ Journey has been visiting them for five years.

At the end a little girl from the church presented the group with a Nicaraguan flag as a gesture of thanks and unity between two nations.  Two nations with long distances between them but united in the causes of Jesus Christ.

photo 9 photo 14

This year the team had a dual mission.  We had an smaller group of guys focused on an agricultural mission out at Ruby Ranch.  They accomplished that week what we have been hoping for for well over a year now….Irrigation!  They placed a giant water tank at the top of what most Miamians might call a small mountain, but we call a hill :)  Then they engineered the water lines for a gravity fed irrigation system for the fields below.

photo 18 photo 14 photo 16

After finishing the irrigation system they tilled and prepared a garden field that we hope will soon feed hundreds of Nicaraguans in our different ministries.  They brought with them expertise in planting and the seeds to begin the first crops.  Over the next few months we are really looking forward to the fruit of this HUGE labor.

photo 19 photo 22 photo 21

It was a beautiful week for all of us in Nicaragua in so many ways!

Thank you again Christ Journey…we love you all dearly and love being a part of these great things together!  That the Lord’s Kingdom would come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Praise Jesus!  Amen.

Click here if you would like to see more photos from the week.

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Farrington Newsletter…

If you have some time today please take a minute or so to download our most recent newsletter.  We hope that all of you are having a great summer!

Our Mid-Summer Newsletter

Thank you for your interest, prayers and support.  We are very blessed!

Chris & Krista Farrington

C & K

Please Click Here for donation information…Thank You.

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Goings on in Nicalandia…

Thank you to everyone who is praying for us and the things God is doing here over the summer!  It has been exciting and we appreciate the prayers!

Beautification at Club EsperanzaNorfolk Christian School from Virginia did some excellent beautifying of the garden in the entry areas.  Lots of colors on the wall all around, planting of some new plants, but mostly GRASS!!!  The front area is green!  We are gonna try to keep little feet off of it (don’t you remember elementary school…I was always getting yelled at by teachers…”stay off the grass” LOL!).  It really makes it beautiful out front to have all the color!

10462844_10202096775567863_1317975530818703059_n 1511604_10202096775447860_4553151723582799087_n10464212_10202096780367983_5086227318144701409_n 10418295_10202096772607789_1393973067481286671_n 10308070_10202096770687741_6313519512601224996_n

And the painting goes on…Norfolk also visited Casa Robles and cleaned up all the kids rooms really nice with new colors and trim!

10480982_10202098659214953_3402635206703238377_n 10457569_10202098677135401_7789899646392696014_n10393838_10202098633454309_9011293565249214341_n

Then out at Ruby Ranch the Norfolk gang built a platform on a hill top which will be part of a future camping site for doing overnight camps out at the Double R!

photo 3 photo 1

Valor Christian School from Colorado also joined us this summer and spent alot of their time out at Ruby Ranch.  They also put together some really fun days for the kids at Casa Havilah & Casa Robles.  It was futbol fever down here during the World Cup and the team made the boys’ day by getting them the official World Cup soccer album…and of course playing some pick up games in the garage!

photo 17 photo 16photo 19

This sequence of photos is called Giant Human Beach Ball named Marcos…

photo 11 photo 12 photo 13 photo 14

And this one is called…Hey Goalie just let the kid score will ya?!?!

photo 8 photo 9 photo 7 photo 6

The summer is full of life down here and we love being able to minister to and bless kids that we love with friends of our from the States!  God is good.

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