New Computer Lab at Club Esperanza…


You may remember last year when our friends from Austin Samaritans in Texas came down to Club Esperanza and donated 10 Netbook Computers (story here).  Back then, we mentioned that we would like to open a computer lab at Club Esperanza to help further our students opportunities for education and advancement.  Well, this past week our friends were back and they made it happen!  Not only did they support the effort financially, they came down and build the shelving themselves, installed electrical and air conditioning, as well as painted the room and varnished the desk!

The world is shrinking and technology is allowing young people from all parts of the World to see things from a greater perspective.  There are so many great opportunities for learning on the web and we do not want our children to be left behind!  This computer lab is going to give them access to the world.  But even more than that we hope to help them to develop the basic computer skills that will give them a real advantage in their future careers.  I am talking about the basics like being able to type correctly on a keyboard, use word processors, and be able to do advanced research on internet resources.  This lab is going to really be a great asset for all of our kids.

We are so excited about this new gift to Club Esperanza!

If you would like to help with the future of the Computer lab please email us at  There are items we would like to fund such as hiring a computer lab monitor, upgrading our technology, the monthly electrical costs, software updates, changing the door to the room for one with glass windows, etc…

You can give specifically to the Computer Lab by following this link and noting “Club Esperanza Computer Lab” on your donation.  

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Semana Santa with our Christ Journey Church family…


IMG_3745Last week we had an amazing time with our church family from Christ Journey Church in Miami!  We hosted a team of youth that came down ready to rock and roll for Jesus!  Christ Journey Church is such a huge part of our lives here in Nicaragua…this is a youth group that Chris was a part of when he was a teenager.  In fact, it was at church camp when he was in seventh grade that he gave his life to Christ and was baptized!  So, seeing long time friends and spending time in ministry together is such a wonderful thing.  Like I said, the kids came to work hard and that made the trip a total success.

Last week was “Semana Santa” which is the big vacation week in Nicaragua.  School is out and everyone visits family and goes to the beach.  We knew lots of our kids from Club Esperanza wouldn’t have much to do and would probably just be sitting around the neighborhood, so we decided to head down to the Club and hang out with them!  The team came prepared with lots of crafts and games and bibles stories and poured out their love on our fifth and sixth graders!  The opportunity to teach truth from the Bible to younger kids was great.  Even better, was for these younger kids to see older “kids” living that truth out!  We also had a special group doing some theatrical human video and teaching it to the older high school kids at the club…the story of Easter coming to life!  We had such a great time…and also added in some hard work because you know we can’t leave the Club without getting dirty!  We painted the walls, planted sod and put up a fence for the pathway….there may have been some paint and mud slung around too!

After a couple of days at Club Esperanza with the kids, the group decided to do something really special for them for Semana Santa and go on a “paseo” out to Ruby Ranch!  It was so much fun having the ability to get them out of the urban setting of Managua and out into the open spaces of Ruby Ranch.  They got to ride on the horses, zip line, water slide, bikes, games and all the fun things out there.  We are mid dry season, so it is basically scorched earth out there.  But not a single kids really cared about that, they were having a blast!

Another really important part of our time together was the spiritual growth that we get to see in each of these young people in the youth group.  Palm Sunday at Verbo Church was a great start to the week with a lively time of worship and hearing the Gospel preached in Spanish.  In their devotionals, their youth leader Kevin didn’t just let it become a time of helping others and doing good, but also challenged each of them to take a look at them selves and their personal relationship with God.  We had a powerful time of prayer together at Ruby’s House, there was such an expectation in the group to receive more from God.  It really was overwhelmingly powerful!  Then as Good Friday was approaching they took communion and washed each others feet as a final act of service while their trip was coming to a close.  God established some really life changing things in these young people during their time here, and that is so good!

Without a doubt our family was so very blessed by the group as well.  Generosity towards are financial needs in Nicaragua, generosity in love and prayer towards our family and our spiritual needs and a fun embrace of long lasting friendship that we so much appreciate!  Our little bubba Mason broke his leg playing soccer the first day of the trip, and it was so sweet for him to get so much love and attention from everyone.  Our kids have some good examples to look up to in their future and we so appreciate that too!

Thanks for such a great Semana Santa Christ Journey!  We love you!

check out Christ Journey’s Missions Blog for some of the testimonials during their trip!

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Mercy Homes…back at it again!


One of the great things about Palmer Trinity School’s program of building houses in Nicaragua every Spring, is that they are able to send two teams…and for those of us who are great at math and basic reasoning, two teams equals two houses!!!:)

Because there school has two separate week long breaks in the Spring and they have a faculty who loves the work here and leads the way, they are able to make it possible for more students to be involved with this project in Nicaragua.  We are always very excited to see so many kids who WANT to come to Nicaragua and work hard to do something great for a family.  This group built a home for a young family; Janis, her husband Jeffrey, and their little boy Jean Carlos.

It is soooooooooooo Hot this time of year, in fact I could make the word “so” go for five or six lines and that still wouldn’t describe how bad it is this year.  We are coming off three years of weak rainy seasons, so not only is it blistering hot but everything is dead about a month earlier than usual.  The good news is, that didn’t phase anyone!  The kids set up the cement trough in the shade and went to work.  It was even more impressive, because every student in this group was new to Nicaragua, so it was really awesome to see what a good job they did!  Praise Jesus, a family was given a new home.  Amen.

The team also took extra time to spend with the children at our rescue homes Casa Havilah and Casa Robles.  Not only did they have a fun morning of ice cream and games, on the following day they picked everyone up and took them to the movies (the movie theaters have Air Conditioning!!!).  But then, as they left they also joined us to help financially to keep the homes running.  They had success in fund raising for their trip, so they used the extra funds raised to donate to the homes….such a blessing that is!!!  It is a big effort to keep these homes open, but Praise Jesus we have always been able to keep them going, partly because of moments like these.  We know it is because God loves each of His little ones and wants to care for them, especially when they are suffering.  (If you are reading this and would like to help with Casa Havilah or Casa Robles, please click the links above and you can find out how to donate here.)

Thanks for a great trip PTS…see you next year!

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Ski Break in Nicaragua…Westminster Christian School


Westminster Christian School form Miami, FL was back in Nicaragua again this February.  A few years back a couple of students from Westminster came to Nicaragua on a missions trip with their church.  The Lord touched their lives and when they went back to school they decided to start a Missions Club.  The reaction was great and every “Ski Week” break since, students from Westminster have led a team of fellow students to Nicaragua to build a home for a family in need hundreds of miles away.

This year the recipient was Maria Ney and her family.  In some of the pictures you can see the home she, her husband, and their two children used to live in.  We met her about five years ago when she first asked for help.  As you can imagine there is a large list of people who need help, but Maria was always persistent and very polite over the years.  It was a real pleasure to be able to help her this year!  They were all so thankful.

The students did an amazing job.  Lots of hard work in the blazing sun.  Plus it is the dry season so all of the vegetation is dead and every time the wind blows it is a giant dust storm….in summary, tons of fun!  Load after load of cement in the cement mixer (their hands were the cement mixer), block after block laid, pick axes to level the floor, bucket after bucket of cement pouring the floor, roof put on….and then the fun of dedicating the house and bringing brand new furniture as a final exclamation point on the house!

The missions club also did a great work at Club Esperanza as well.  They collected special gift bags for all of our preschoolers and kindergarteners at the club…over 100 0f them.  The bags had some essential hygiene and dental products, fun toys, clothes and a sweet Children’s Bible Story book.  The group broke into teams to do story time with the kids, they read the new story and asked if the kids would like a copy of their own…as they all screamed “¡Siiiiii!”…the team brought in the bags for each student.  It was lots of fun!


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A Long Journey Home…Mrs. Margarita


We shared with you recently that we were in the process of helping Mrs. Margarita move home…well that trip spontaneously came together last Tuesday.  We got a call Saturday that her daughters were coming to Managua to pack her stuff because they had two days off work.  This was news to us and we just rolled with it.  Sunday we found a moving truck.  Monday four of her children packed up the truck.  Tuesday we rented a fancy SUV from Budget and by 8 a.m. we were on the road.  Mrs. Margarita was dressed in her finest and her daughter Elvita rode with us while her son Jean rode with the moving truck.

Now, the trip was smooth sailing for the first five hours getting to the city of RAMA which is the gateway to the East Coast of Nicaragua.  Most people take boats from this point to Blue Fields and beyond, but a few years back a new road was put in to Pearl Lagoon.  Well…that new road is hardly a cow trail and has so many huge holes you can’t go over 10 mph and you still can’t help but hit your head on the window.  At one point we asked Mrs. Margarita if she was OK.  “Brother my head hurts a little…because I keep hitting it on the window” she said with a big laugh.  We slowed down even more and three hours later we got to Hallover, a small town just before Pearl Lagoon.

As you might expect, as we pulled into town there was a pile of kids near the entrance of town…Elvita hollered out to them and they ran up to the car…all great grandbabbies.  Both Elvita and Margarita started yelling at them to get on home!  We rounded a turn and slowed for others to come out and hug and kiss Margarita through the window…”we are gonna come by later Ma.”  We slowed down by another house that was under construction and two more grandkids were up on the roof working, all smiles.  Then we pulled up to her house….a big crowd greeted us, which probably wasn’t even half of her whole extended family.  Margarita’s sight is failing, so a young man came out to help her down from the car and walk her to the porch of her recently rebuilt house.

Once Margarita realized who was helping her she started calling out “Bibi…Bibi…Bibi”.  Bibi is her grandson who she actually raised from birth until he was 14 when she left for Managua.  They hadn’t seen each other since!  She kept slapping him and hugging him…So many more faces that she was seeing for the first time.  She looked to us once and smiled real big saying “brother I don’t know most of these kids”.  It was so sweet watching family members young and old come up with hugs, smiles and tears.

We are going to miss Margarita so very much!  But it was such a blessing to be with her on this journey home.  Please pray for her as she adjusts to living back home…she is 94 years old so there will be lots of help needed…it is good that she has her family!  Also please pray for the prayer house…we plan to keep going down there to pray as long as it is standing.  Margarita’s son Evans is going to live there for now.

It was quite a ride…a good ride home!  

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Mercy Homes…Palmer Trinity School

About a decade ago Palmer Trinity School from Miami pioneered into a nearby community named Chiquilistagua and built a home for a family in need.  Every year since PTS has sent their students to Nicaragua to build a Mercy home for a family in need during their spring break vacation.  What a great way to spend a vacation for a young person….helping somebody!  And the help is absolutely amazing.  It is always miraculous to witness a house go up in a week….a house that would take a family seven years to save up and build!  It is so overwhelming for the family receiving the house…the wife is crying, the husband is crying, kids are crying, the group is crying…not gonna lie the tears well up pretty easy when you are dedicating a house to someone in such need.  Praise Jesus, it is a wonderful time and a great thing to be a part of!  Palmer is also intentional on building up the entire community with skills training and education over the year, so it is fun to see familiar faces come to visit from the community and spend the week helping build the house for someone else.  


We are also so very thankful every year for PTS’s investment in our ongoing ministries here in Nicaragua.  Taking the time to visit the kids at Club Esperanza and serve lunch, taking all the kiddos from Casa Havilah and Casa Robles to the soccer stadium to play, and then at the end always giving generously with an attitude of “hey whatever is left here we want to help you all bless the kids.”  It was a great week…and we look forward to the next team that will come in March!

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Farrington Newsletter – January 2016

From our family to yours we hope that your leap year celebrations yesterday were out of this world!!!:)  In celebration we would like to share our most recent newsletter in digital form…if you have time today please read about different happenings here in Nicaragua and opportunities to get involved.  

16-01 Newsletter PDF

If you would like to donate to our ministry in Nicaragua please click here.

Thank you and God Bless!!!

Some fun family pictures from January and February…we celebrated a neighbor’s wedding, Silvia who Krista has known since Silvia was a 9 year old…school didn’t start until February so we did some fun puzzles…we had Aunt Hazel’s birthday…and the kids tried to move into a tree LOL!

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