In the cyber world, today is #GivingTuesday and we hope that you might want to help out in Nicaragua with any of our ongoing ministries…Club Esperanza, Casa Robles, Casa Havilah, Ruby Ranch, and Walakitang.  All are listed in tabs above and you can explore more information by using the search feature on the right sidebar of the blog.  Your charitable giving helps to keep all these ministries running and able to serve.

Thank You, God bless and we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


Our family has been on a trip to the USA to visit family and enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday in New Jersey/NYC, North Carolina, Georgia and Miami…it has been a great time!  Definitely the mega road trip of a lifetime for our family🙂  

We look forward to heading home next week for Christmas and end of the year festivities in Nicaragua.  There are graduations at Club Esperanza, Christmas parties at the Club as well as our special Christmas party with Casa Robles and Casa Havilah, end of year celebrations and parties, Christmas bonuses and gifts for all the Open Hearts staff, and we look forward to an enjoyable Christmas with family in Nicaragua as well!  


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Big Need at Casa Robles: Our Van has broken down again…

We mentioned a couple newsletters ago that we were needing to buy a new van for Casa Robles because it is constantly in the shop and it is over 15 years old.  Well, unfortunately late last week it broke down again.  I am not sure if you have ever had a mechanic show you that there is oil in your radiator, but I sure have never had oil in my radiator before!  And I know we didn’t put it there!  :)  Turns out the van has some major engine issues where oil is passing into the radiator….bad news.

This van is essential for the boys and losing it makes life very difficult.  Papa Yuri drives them to school every day, soccer practice and soccer games, school events in the evenings, church on Sundays, and then just the regular every day moving around.

Getting a new van will cost between $17,000 and $19,000.  It is a big need and a big expense.  Please pray with us for the funds for a new van!  

If you are able to help towards this please contact us via email, losfarringtons@gmail.com OR you can make a donation through our blog (click here).

We had a fun day this past Friday with everyone.  The boys did phenomenally on their report cards.  So, we all had lunch together at Casa Robles and went to the video arcade at the mall for a reward!  We had to borrow a van, but Praise Jesus we still had fun…of course!  God really is so good and is always reminding us how much he loves these guys!

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Ruby Ranch: Cabin under construction…

Here is a pretty exciting update from Ruby Ranch….we have a fundraising goal to finish the cabin, but Construction is Under Way!!!!  (check out Ruby Ranch Facebook Page for continued updates and other fun news)…


We at Ruby Ranch are so excited to share with you that the construction of our very first cabin is underway! Ground has been broken this week and we are SO excited!!

We want to create an eco style cabin that encourages relationship building and community. Our plan is to be able to sleep up to 16 people in each cabin, with a large front porch on the front side (complete with hammock chairs, of course) to provide yet another place for campers and counselors to meet, pray and build relationships. These cabins are going to be beautiful! And we know God is going to do amazing things in the hearts of the people of Nicaragua.

But we need $7000 to be able to complete the cabin. Can you help us? We will be posting updates as we go, with photos of the construction process. If you want to help, donations can be made through GCRI’s website (on GCRI’s website use the donate button at the bottom of the screen and include a memo of “Ruby Ranch Cabin.”)

Thank you so much in advance and thank you for your continued prayers!


Open Hearts Ruby Ranch Team


Bonus Photo:  Check out the new entrance at Ruby Ranch!!!

img_5240 img_5239

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Farrington Newsletter – October 2016

Good Morning, we hope this post finds you getting ready for a great weekend!  Below is the digital version of our most recent newsletter.  Please take a look today, thank you for your prayers and support for our family here in Nicaragua!

Los Farringtons Newsletter – October 2016 (click to view)

A special prayer request:  Mason goes in tomorrow for surgery to remove the pins from his leg.  This is the final surgery and we are praying everything goes perfect!  Please pray for our little Mason early tomorrow morning, surgery is 6 a.m. our time.  Thank You!


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Club Esperanza: Meeting Special Needs…

img_5174    Henriet is one of our teachers at Club Esperanza.  She teaches kindergarten and also tutors a group of 25 third graders in the afternoon.  She has known some of the children at Club Esperanza their entire lives because she taught at Colegio Esperanza inside La Chureca for ten years until we moved to Club Esperanza when the dump was closed.

Henriet has a son Jesus who is a University student.  Jesus is almost completely deaf and raising him taught Henriet many different lessons about having a child with special needs.  It has also given her a personal burden for parents who have children with different disabilities.  Over these last three years at the Club, she realized there are a number of families with children that have varying needs and disabilities that can be challenging. Because of that personal burden, this year she is doing something to help.

On the anniversary celebration of the official sign language, Henriet and her son put together a Seminar at Club Esperanza specifically for these families.  Henriet invited the families to come for a meal, the Ministry of Education came and gave presentations and resources for the parents, they ministered to and prayed for the families, our students performed special dances, and even had specific gifts for each child.  It was pretty incredible, a real tribute to the heart that Jesus has given us at the Club to reach everyone, especially those who are often considered “the least of these.”  Oh, but there was so much joy in that assembly.  As anyone who has a child with special need knows, each one is far from the least!  We celebrate their lives!  It was special for Henriet in another way as well, her son Jesus was there beside her translating the teachings into sign language for those who came with hearing impairment.  That was pretty awesome!

Please pray for this new program at Club Esperanza.  Of the families that came, we have children with Downs Syndrome, paralyzed children, autistic children, and severely disabled children.  The first step we are taking on a permanent basis is to incorporate them into our feeding program every day.  Then as far as the future goes, I know Henriet is praying about what the next steps may be to continually support these families.  One thing is for sure, this was a beautiful beginning!

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Club Espernaza: Updated photos…

It is certainly true that pictures are worth more than a thousand words.  I recently had a nice camera down at Club Esperanza and shot some current photos of our preschoolers and the surrounding neighborhood…as you have time to look through them, please keep Club Esperanza in your prayers this Fall!

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Club Esperanza: Our Awesome Staff and their free time!

If you have ever visited Club Esperanza in person or spent time looking over our blog, you will see the faces of our group of teachers, tutors, kitchen and maintenance crew and administration.  They are always there in the background or popping into a photo.  We make great efforts to fundraise because that is the only way we have to pay the salaries of all the wonderful people who work at the Club.  We are so thankful for your support!

Certainly, the most beautiful thing for us is knowing the heart of our staff and seeing the efforts they make.  The truth is, the pay is better elsewhere.  The conditions are certainly safer and better elsewhere.  The kids in other middle and upper class communities are certainly much more well behaved.  But this group is dedicated to serving the Lord at Club Esperanza.  I want to take this blog space to share about some of the things that happen at the Club done by our staff in their free time.


“C.E.L.A:  Club Embarazada y Lactante” – Yaraseth lives in the community surrounding Club Esperanza.  She has been a teacher with us ever since we had the school Colegio Esperanza in the dump community of La Chureca.  She is a young mother herself and when the opportunity to start a special group for pregnant and nursing mothers arose, Yara volunteered.  She now organizes and runs this group on Fridays with the assistance of the mother of one of her preschool students.  Pregnancy, nursing and mothering a newborn can be a very difficult time in one’s life.  Those difficulties are multiplied in the circumstances of poverty in our community.  Yara uses the time to provide not just the support of friendship, but also teaching and education to help the mothers with some basic ideas and tips to make life easier.  They have fun together too in the midst of the excitement of having dozens of babies in the same meeting (when they all start crying at once it gets really exciting!).  We also distribute donations of clothing, baby supplies, etc to help our mothers materially as well.  There are nearly 30 mothers who participate…pretty stinkin’ awesome!


“Teaching on Baptism” – Professor Roberto has also been a teacher since we had the school in La Chureca.  He has the added bonus of being married to Sheyla, our director!  Roberto has been receiving Seminary training this past year, hoping to grow deeper with the Lord personally.  He also has the desire to be able to reach his students spiritual needs on a deeper level.  So, when some of them started asking about Baptism and what it meant, Roberto took the opportunity to organize a Friday class where he could teach students about Baptism and what it means to be a Christian.  He had a group of young men join him and they dove in together.  They finished their first group of teaching last Friday.  Some of them are now really wanting to be baptized.  Please pray for God to give each one the perfect moment for their baptism!  Again…this is awesome!


“Grupos Matrimonial” – If you have been to Nicaragua recently and prayed with us at Miss Ruby’s house you would have met Marisol.  Marisol is a powerful woman of God and a friend of ours from church.  She has been helping at Club Esperanza this past year, and has been an awesome influence.  She and Sheyla recently had the idea to put together a Marriage Seminar for families from Club Esperanza.  One of the biggest battles for many of our students is that they come from homes where their parents’ relationships are broken or on the verge of collapse.  This seminar is an effort to do something about it!  This past Saturday Juan and Marisol, Roberto and Sheyla and another wonderful couple from our church put together the first “Grupos Matrimonial Seminar”.  Ten couples signed up and came on Saturday to find our cafeteria turned into a dining hall awaiting their arrival.  There was a time of teaching, a dinner together, and then a time of prayer for each couple.  The fruit of this seminar will be long lasting in the lives of each couple and it is going to make an impact on the entire community.  It was very special that afterwards several of the couples expressed their desire to get married, so we are going to work on having some weddings in the near future at Club Esperanza!  Again, so Awesome!

We hope you are encouraged to read about some of these incredible things going on in the “free time” at Club Cristiana La Esperanza.  Encouraged that your continued prayers are sewing into the lives of many here in Nicaragua!

Club Esperanza is always full of life.  When you show up randomly you might find a kid flying around on his little bicycle or someone hiding in the garden!  Praise Jesus for this safe refuge and place where His love, truth and joy can be a constant!

img_9194 img_9196 img_9197


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