Club Esperanza…a partnership in reading

Our very good friend from Chris’s days at FSU, Benjamin Wilder has published a new Children’s book called “Big and Small, God Made Them All”.  We are excited that Ben contacted our family here in Nicaragua and is going to be sending books down to Nicaragua as his sales happen in the U.S.A.  So if you have children and love to read to them as we do, please take a look at Ben’s new book.  It will bless your child’s day I am sure as well as children in Nicaragua!

You can easily download the book to your phone or tablet by clicking here.

Thanks Ben….your book is awesome and so is reading!

Below is evidence from Ben’s Blog that we did in fact go to college together :)

Chris:Ben at FSU

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Family Update…a new year

We are back in Nicaragua from our wonderful trip home to Miami for the Christmas holidays, we got home early in January.  We had such a great time with Chris’s family and so many of our dear friends in South Florida.  The only thing lacking was cold weather, but that is ok because it made it easier to come home to the heat :)  We are so blessed by the support we feel when we are home, and our church family at Christ Journey Church is such a blessing to us!  We had so much fun and are home ready to rock as things crank up down here for 2016.

We do know we don’t get to see everyone we want to when we are home, so we wanted to give a little update on how our kids are doing and growing up.  Aliyah is 10 years old now and growing up tall.  She loves gymnastics class with her aunts, her mind is very creative and she has really gotten into reading Nancy Drew books.  She is a great helper whenever Mommy and Daddy need it.  Mason is 8 now and even though he is all rails like his daddy, he goes goes goes and loves football, soccer, riding his bike, flipping over the couch, jumping off the tree house, and basically anything he can tackle.  Being home with his cousins was so much fun!  His true love is Legos though, he will sit silent for hours creating scenes with his Lego sets.  It is great!  When I think about the two of them I love seeing how the Lord is growing them, hearing their prayers is sweet and seeing the way the good things of God have already influenced their lives is beautiful.  They are kind and loving and want to do what is right.  The two of them are a funny combo when they get going…we are very thankful for the way they are growing up well!

Isabella is 6 years old now.  She is our funny one in the family for sure.  Her jokes are good, but the best is when she gets going and just starts laughing…or even better when you can see her sitting there silently coming up with funny things in her mind and then laughing to herself.  Most remarkably she can read like a 9 year old.  It is pretty crazy, reading is for sure a gift to her.  She is only six, but she has prayed every night for Pastor Saeed and Pastor Yousef who were in jail in Iran because they were Christians…this year we got to see them both released from prison.  She prays for lots of different things and for all of our family and friends every night.  It is sometimes surprising sitting there next to her and listening to her prayers.  Juliette is full of life and keeps all of us on our toes all day long.  She is in preschool at Kinder Montessori all by herself now and is doing great.  It is so funny because she is so loud and so emotional even for a three year old that sometimes we think we are losing our minds…she is gonna take over the world one day.  For a little person so full of life, we sometimes forget how sensitive she is too.  The best is when she comes in for a hug and a kiss then makes the heart shape with her hands and takes her heart and gives it to mommy or daddy…the sweetest moments.

Thank you for the love and support we always feel as we live our lives serving the Lord in Nicaragua!  Krista and I are doing very well too, we just celebrated 13 years of marriage in January.  We are praying that 2016 is a great year and we can see more of God’s Kingdom work in our lives personally and in the things we are doing here in Nicaragua.  It is so much fun and fulfilling for us to be doing this together.

Cheers to the new year and we ask that God would bless your year as well!  


Los Farringtons

If you would like to support our family financially we are very grateful.  We live by faith and because of your generosity we are able to serve the Lord in Nicaragua, so thank you again for that!  Here is a link to our donation information.

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Club Esperanza….2016 High School Scholarship Kids

IMG_3199Every year for the past ten years we have selected a group of teenagers from alumni of Colegio Esperanza and offered them the opportunity to be a part of a program that will help them through their High School years.  It is a great opportunity for us to continue our involvement in their lives.  But also, help some students whose lives are pretty difficult and they are just trying to get ahead.  This year we have a young mother named Adriana who is trying to finish High School on Saturdays and a young man named Ernesto who has been working selling tortillas everyday for his family since he was twelve.  This is a small way we can join them in their efforts to succeed.

IMG_3183This week we are preparing for school to start so we went shopping for school supplies, new shoes and uniforms.  It was fun to hang out with all of them and get to know them better.  We always like to try and have lots of fun too so we stopped for ice cream at the Centro Comercial.  I’d like to ask that you would please pray for each of them and their school year?  It is a good bunch of kids, but they face all of the things that any teenager will face as they go through this time of life.  We want to be there as a support for them, give them guidance and direction in the things of God, and see them succeed!  We are looking forward to a good year!


IMG_3192  IMG_3201

Speaking of having fun, in that last picture I had a little fun.  Jose had been a bit of a wild man all day, and as a male leader with a bunch teenage boys I often get punched and sucker punched all day long.  I can take and try to dish it back out, but I am getting old.  So, as I finished the group pictures I told everyone to swing some haymakers at Jose with their shopping bags….LOL, you can see him ducking for cover in the middle!

A special thank you to Love, Light & Melody for their support in getting uniforms and school supplies to our High School kids for this 2016 year.

If you are interested in helping financially in any way, please find donation information here (just note Club Esperanza).   This group is one of the many ways we are blessed by God to be able to do good work in the lives of kids at Club Esperanza.


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Miss Margarita (Ruby’s Sister) is heading home…

IMG_3145Something about the alternate title to the J.R.R. Tolkien classic the Hobbit, “‘There and Back again; A Hobbit’s Tale’ by Bilbo Baggins” always had a special ring to it for me.  An epic journey summed up in the simplest of terms…there and back again.

Miss Margarita came to Managua from the East Coast of Nicaragua two decades ago to be with her sister Miss Ruby Temple, a prophetess and an evangelist of the Lord.  Margarita’s husband had just passed away and she felt the Lord telling her to go to Managua and take care of her youngest sister Ruby, just as she had ever since their mother died when Ruby was two and Margarita was 15.  Her family told her she was going to be sooooo home sick and wouldn’t do good in that city, but she went as the Lord led.  And as Margie would say “oh brother I didn’t have none of that sickness, not one day!”

It was a great decision.  When Miss Ruby passed away four years ago it was very hard but Margarita said she was going to keep this house of prayer open and tend to it like it is the Lord’s house.  Her brother Alvin passed away soon after and so did her daughter Daisy but Mrs. Margie was not going to move.  And praise God that she didn’t because over the last four years The Spirit of the Lord has moved in so many of our lives that it is hard to count or retell all the stories.  Ruby’s House of Prayer will be there for many years to come.

But the time has now come for Mrs. Margie to go home.  There and back again, two decaces of serving the Lord in Managua.  She is in her mid nineties now, her health is declining and she wants to be around her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  So, next month we are going to take Mrs. Margie back to Hallover, just past Kukra Hill and tucked up next to the famous Pearl Lagoon.

Margarita’s house sat abandoned for nearly twenty years so it needs alot of work.  We actually started working on it in December.  It needs around $4,500 worth of renovations to fix the walls, the porch, the roof, the windows and put in a septic system.  If anybody reading this would like to help support this financially, please do!  Here is the the information and you can note it is for “Mrs. Margie’s house”.    

We are very sad, and my eyes well up a little while typing.  It is pretty remarkable the impact that these two little women from the coast have had on my life.  I know on so many others too.  In fact, if you wanted to write her an email you could do that too…just send it to us and put Margarita in the title.  We will take it down and read it to her…her sight is fading a good bit and she can’t really read that well anymore.

Praise Jesus for the wonderful work Miss Ruby and Mrs. Margarita did in Managua!  It is something that has impacted generations!  Please pray for a safe trip home!  Amen.





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Happy New Year 2016!!!

We hope your year has begun well!  We have had a great visit in Miami with our family and friends…we love being home!  We want to share our Prayer Card/Christmas Card here in a digital version and ask for your prayers for our family through the 2016 year.  God is so good and we are asking for His provision and blessing over our families and ministry more and more.  Thank you!  Love, The Farrington


If you would like to donate to Open Hearts for the 2016 year we would be very thankful for that!  You can find giving info here.

Here is our most recent Newsletter if you would like to see what is going on in Nicaragua… Farrington Newsletter – December 2015


We would love to receive your Christmas Card if you have any extras!  Our address in Nicaragua is….

Los Farringtons

Apartado Postal MJ43

Managua, Nicaragua

Central America


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Merry Christmas…

Before we left to come to America for Christmas, we had a really fun party up at the Buzbees with Casa Havilah and Casa Robles!  Krista’s sisters were in town also, so it was one big fiesta and we had such a great time!

Our hope for all of our friends and families, is that the Spirit of the Lord will fill you with all of the good things of God this Christmas.  That as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ….hope, faith, love, peace, joy, comfort, confidence and purpose…all of these good things of God would fill your hearts.

From our families to yours…Merry Christmas!  


Would you please continue to pray for all the children from Casa Havilah and Casa Robles as they visit their families over the Christmas vacation.  We pray that each of them would have a great time with family and be protected by the Lord from any harm.  Pray for Fredder, Heyler, Denis, Andrews, Israel and Angel…Naydelin, MariaElena, Pamela, Saxskia, Sarai, Allyson, and Nateli…God’s protection and blessings!


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Farrington Newsletter: 2015 End of the Year…

We hope this blog post finds you doing well as you prepare for all of the fun vacation days to come!  We also hope that your year ends well and everything squares away perfectly so that your vacation days are as enjoyable as they could possibly be!

We mailed out our final newsletter of the year sharing some of our year end family activities and future hope for ministry.  We hope you have a moment to read and pray for what God is doing in Nicaragua!

Year End Newsletter 2015  (click to read)

Sending our love through the end of 2015!  -The Farrington Family

If you would like to make a donation towards Club Esperanza or any other part of our ministry this Christmas season, we would be very thankful!  We are asking the Lord to give us a huge boost of encouragement as we head into the 2016 year…Amen!

Click Here for Donation Information

God Bless from Nicaragua!

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