Prayer for 2017…

As this new year is beginning down here in Nicaragua we really do covet and appreciate all of your prayers.  In Nicaragua the school year starts in February, so this time of year is full of excitement.  Vacation has come to an end and all our ministry sites are kicking off the year.  There is “back to school” propoganda everywhere, in the Farrington house too!  Krista and the kids opened of their box of books and school material for the year last week…it was lots of fun!  On the back of our Christmas card that we sent with our paper newsletter we included this prayer card…


…we hope this digital version can be a reminder to pray for us as well!

Prayer for our family specifically.  Protection from any evil that may set its sight on us.  Guidance for Krista and I to be great parents to our kids, and to keep each other as a priority.  Prayers for Aliyah, Mason, Isabella and Juliette as they grow and as they learn.  Mostly that Jesus would be what forever captures our eye and our hearts and that everything about our lives would be focused on His good things.

Prayer for our rescue homes Casa Robles and Casa Havilah.  Each of these kiddos has a special place in our hearts and 2017 is going to be an exciting year.  Naydelin has been staying with the Buzbees for part of the vacation and it has been so fun.  Aliyah’s been running off and playing with her and her aunts the last few days.  It’s so fun because they make each other’s English/Spanish better.  Vacation can be a tough time for all of the kids at Robles and Havilah, because everyone has been in their home setting which have some very difficult realities.  So our prayer is that the Lord brings all of them back to us with a great joy and excitement for the coming year.

Prayer for Walakitang.  We ask that the Spirit of the Lord would continue to blow along the Rio Coco.  Pastor Victor and his family can be a focus of all of your prayers.  He is the point of the spear bringing the Gospel to all those communities.

Prayer for Ruby Ranch.  This year plans are being drawn up for the long term vision of the Double R.  A new cabin is being completed and we pray for the Lord to provide one, two or even three more.  Please pray that Ruby Ranch is a place that has such a heavy presence of God upon it, that wether someone is coming for a day camp or a weekend retreat, they feel God’s presence and are drawn closer to Him!

Prayer for Club Esperanza in Managua and for Club Imagine in Los Brasiles.  These community outreach centers touch hundreds of lives everyday.  We need the Lord’s guidance in all of it…the feeding center, the early childhood education, the Bible Studies, the tutoring program, the Lacrosse program, the High School scholarship program, C.E.L.A. our support for pregnant and nursing mothers, marriage retreats, Program for Special need students, future youth group, future constructions, and future dreams.

A reality of the darkness of the community surrounding Club Esperanza hit us last week.  This story is very sensitive but I want to share it to give perspective on the needs, so you can pray.  Marina, who works at the Club, stopped me last Thursday because she was so upset about what her two granddaughters had seen the night before.  Around 10:30 at night there was a commotion outside their house, they found a baby inside of a trash bag on a pile of trash.  A mototaxi driver had noticed a dog nosing the trash pile and realized with shock it was a baby.  Marina rushed down with the neighbors, the baby was still alive.  They brought her to the hospital and Praise Jesus, this little baby girl has survived.

The incredible harshness of the story, is that this baby was placed in the trash by a seventeen year old girl who had just given birth in secret in her shanty house across the street.  The baby belongs to her step father, and it was the second time she bore his child.  Marina shared more details that are heartbreaking, but this picture of darkness is so tragic and overwhelming.  The police have gotten involved and the Ministry of Family have as well.  This all happened two blocks away from the Club.

Even in writing this, I need to take a deep breath.  How does this happen?  Where is God in all of this, how can any sort of hope come to this young ladies life now?  How can this baby be protected?  There are so many questions, and we do not know the answers.  But, we are here.  We have offered to help in any way possible, to provide refuge for the mom and baby, really offering anything that we can do.

Life can be incomprehensible, this is why we pray.  Jesus we pray against all evil lurking near by and we ask you to destroy it.  We ask you to shine a light on places of need. Jesus, help us to help.  We ask you to make things good and right.  In all of our lacking of understanding, we lean on you.  Lord bless this year!  Amen.



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Newsletter: End of Year Giving…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

If you would like to give towards our ministry here in Nicaragua as the year comes to an end you can do so through our blog.  You can use Paypal by clicking the yellow Paypal button below (Paypal provides credit card options) or by writing a check.

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Thank you so much for your generosity throughout the years!  We are so encouraged to be on this journey together and doing fun and exciting things for the Kingdom of God.  The link and picture below will take you to our most recent newsletter…we included some projects we would like to accomplish at Club Esperanza in 2017.  We hope you enjoy reading and we appreciate your continued prayers…God Bless!

Los Farringtons – Year End Newsletter 2016


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!  We hope that your time over the Holidays is beautiful and full of all the good things of God.  Jesus’ birth is worth celebrating, and celebrating big time!  We are so blessed to know our Lord and to be living under the grace, love and mercy that is found in knowing him.  Emmanuel, God is with us.  Merry Christmas!


We watched the end of “Its a Wonderful Life” as we were putting presents under the tree on Christmas Eve.  The main character George Bailey had lost all hope, until an angel visited him and he got to see some of the good he had done in his life, even though he felt like a failure.  He was worth so much to God and so many people.  But he didn’t feel like it.  The end of the movie is so beautiful.  When he comes back to reality, he chases down his family and hugs them and loves them with so much joy (even though the bankers are in his living room to take everything he owns).  Then, the best part of the movie….the entire town had heard “George Bailey was in trouble” and they ushered into his house one by one.  They filled his living room and poured offerings onto his table, singing songs and laughing along with George, his wife and his children.  A house full of Joy.

I imagine we all have someone we come across that is in need.  In a time so often focused on material things, let’s try to bring Joy this Christmas season.  Let’s be part of that line of people lining up to give, lining up to bring Joy to somebody else’s life.  In the book of Acts the earliest Christians quoted Jesus’ words, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”   George Bailey is not a real person, and I know it is just a movie.  But, the thing that made me tear up wasn’t that his livelihood was being saved.  It was the joy that each person had glowing on their face as they came to give instead of receive.  It really was so beautiful watching them all sing and dance and drink together in George’s living room.

Joy.  It is for all of us.

Thank you Jesus for giving it all, so that we might know how to live.

Merry Christmas!

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Walakitang: Christmas reports…


I got a call from Pastor Victor last Sunday letting me know he was in Managua.  He was on his way through to Puerta Cabeza on the East Coast to visit with Pastor Earl Bouy who is the head of Verbo church in that region.  Victor’s wife Damaris was accompanying him as well as Felix and Elma.  Their children study in Verbo’s school in Puerta Cabezas and they were going to pick them up for the Christmas break.

These men and women have a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and are so dedicated with joy, sweat, and tears!  We went to lunch in Managua and got to catch up on things.

Felix and Elma (pictured above on the right) have decided to get married.  They recently became members of Verbo Church in Walakitang and had long been an influential family in the community.  This Christmas they felt called to make their marriage covenant before the Lord and so on this trip they were getting their marriage license in the city of Wiwili and then heading back home to have a big wedding party with family and friends.  Felix is President of the community in Walakitang, so it is very special to see what God is doing in him and his family.  We are praying for major impact on the community through them.

There are also some other very cool reports from Walakitang.  Pastor Earl led a team to install solar panels in Walakitang and other communities along the Rio Coco where we are planting churches.  They installed panels and lights at each church, with a timer that comes on at 6pm and goes off at midnight every day.  None of these communities have electricity or running water, so this is a very significant thing!  The church will be a hub of meetings and gatherings in the community ever evening now…there are lights!

Another really cool development is what Pastor Victor (pictured above on left with his wife Damaris) has led the church to do.  They have a need for sound equipment that they run with a generator during church services.  The previous equipment has broken, so as a church they decided to go to work.  Victor secured a contract with a government project that is building a school in Walakitang.  The project would pay the church to use their boat to haul in sand for construction of the school.  All hands on deck…the church was able to raise almost $800 working together!  Victor was also in Managua to buy the sound equipment.  Isn’t that awseoms?  That this is how the church is celebrating Christmas this year…new sound equipment and instruments!  Praise Jesus.  We were able to donate a guitar, which we gave to Victor as they came back through Managua on their way home.


Victor and Damaris had their daughter Mirari with them as they came back through.  We have known her from over a decade and it was so great to see her again with them.  There is lots of love in their family!  She is finishing high school at Verbo’s school next year.  Something to pray about for the future is the possibility of helping young men and women like Mirari come to Managua from Walakitang to do their University studies.  We’d love to figure out how to incorporate them into living at Casa Havilah or Casa Robles, or figure out another way to help.  The idea is to help the youth in Walakitang make their next step towards their future.  Mirari would like to study medicine and become a doctor, and I am sure it is with a heart to return home and help her community one day.  This is something we are definitely excited about praying the Lord’s guidance with!

We are able to keep this church planting effort in Walakitang going with the generosity of people from all over the world who support our mission here.  So thank you for that!

Please keep praying for Walakitang!

Merry Christmas. 

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Casa Robles & Casa Havilah: Merry Christmas Party…


We had a really fun end of the year Christmas celebration with Casa Robles and Casa Havilah last week.  Being together playing games, eating dinner and exchanging gifts is just a fun time.  It is amazing how a little game like Bocce Ball becomes a huge hit with tons of kids around!  We had some special gifts sent from the states too, which made everyone’s night!  Over the Christmas holidays all of the kiddos will be visiting with their families, so we ask that you would pray for each one during the visits!

Merry Christmas from our extended expanded family here in Nicaragua!!!

We also want to take a second to thank you for your support of these homes and recognize some of their accomplishments.  As you may remember, this year we took a step of faith and enrolled the boys from Casa Robles in a private school of top caliber here in Nicaragua.  They didn’t skip a beat, once again totally dominated on their school work.  All of them on the honor roll and Freder receiving a special medal as the top of his class!  Praise Jesus for this!  It is a great testimony to Mama Angelica and Papa Yuri and their tireless work as house parents.  The fruit of their labor is in the hearts of these young boys.

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Club Esperanza: 2016 Graduating Class

Our family arrived back in Nicaragua safe and sound after our Thanksgiving holiday. Praise Jesus, we had a wonderful visit home!


The timing of our arrival home was perfect because yesterday we got to go to graduation at Club Esperanza!  Our kindergarden is top notch and a huge ministry to the families we serve.  You can see how important this graduation is by how cute and dressed up all of our lil’ graduates were!  It was a really fun time to celebrate their accomplishment and encourage them.

It was also fun talking with parents about their excitement to have their kids signed up for our 1st grade program next year.  Our goal is to continue our impact on each child’s life as long as God would allow.  2017 should be an exciting year!

We hope you would consider donating to Club Cristiana La Esperanza this Christmas season. It is a place where Jesus, the hope of the world that we celebrate at Christmas, is alive and impacting families’ lives!

You can Donate here and note “Club Esperanza” on your donation.  100% of your donations come to Nicaragua and go directly to the Club.

In our next newsletter we plan to share some of the major improvements we would like to make in 2017. We hope you will keep an eye out for that to come in the mail!

God Bless!  -The Farrington Family

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In the cyber world, today is #GivingTuesday and we hope that you might want to help out in Nicaragua with any of our ongoing ministries…Club Esperanza, Casa Robles, Casa Havilah, Ruby Ranch, and Walakitang.  All are listed in tabs above and you can explore more information by using the search feature on the right sidebar of the blog.  Your charitable giving helps to keep all these ministries running and able to serve.

Thank You, God bless and we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


Our family has been on a trip to the USA to visit family and enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday in New Jersey/NYC, North Carolina, Georgia and Miami…it has been a great time!  Definitely the mega road trip of a lifetime for our family 🙂  

We look forward to heading home next week for Christmas and end of the year festivities in Nicaragua.  There are graduations at Club Esperanza, Christmas parties at the Club as well as our special Christmas party with Casa Robles and Casa Havilah, end of year celebrations and parties, Christmas bonuses and gifts for all the Open Hearts staff, and we look forward to an enjoyable Christmas with family in Nicaragua as well!  


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