Casa Robles: Spiritual Investment…

thumb_IMG_2829_1024    Earlier this month we had our friend Hillery Schanck back in Nicaragua with his pastor and another brother from their church in Virginia.  The idea was to have a short trip focused on development of young men.  This worked out perfectly and we spend the weekend investing on the boys…eh hem young men… at Casa Robles.

They brought down a personal Spanish/English Bible for each of them and the layout of a Bible study focused on their lives as they are growing into young men.  These men shared about the value that each of them has in the Kingdom of God as “pearls of great price.”  They shared about the trappings of this world and how it will beat you down and try to force you wear a mask hiding your failings and insecurities.  Then finishing with the victory and freedom for Men that we have in Jesus.  Victory to live our lives in spite of our failings.  To live our lives to honor the Lord.

thumb_IMG_2826_1024 thumb_IMG_2833_1024

What a great message for our guys!  They all ate it up…in fact it was surprising how attentive they all were, especially being boys.  As we all know boys can be crazy, but they loved it.  And they loved their time together with the gang.  We went to Ruby Ranch, played soccer at the house, had ice cream out, went to the beach together…when we stopped by the house on the way to the airport to say good bye and pray together one last time, it was hard to keep tears back.  A sweet time with the Lord.

Our hope is to have a lasting impact on the lives of each one at Casa Robles.  Weekends like this are a Huge part of that.  Praise God for memories they will never forget and a lesson that will impact them for the rest of their lives!  amen.


If you would like to donate to Casa Robles please do so here.  We are only able to keep these rescue homes open because of the generosity of others…so thank you for that!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Club Esperanza: Technological Advancement…

Our friends at Austin Samaritans in Texas brought down a huge blessing for the Tutoring program at Club Esperanza during their last visit.  They were able to get a donation of 10 Dell Mini laptops that have been refurbished and programmed in Spanish.  What a HUGE blessing!

The world we live in is advancing technologically and we want to be able to offer our students the best chance to succeed in the world.  The deck is stacked against our kids already, but we want to bust past any barriers in their way!  These mini computers are going to be a huge part of that.  They are already on super high demand every afternoon at Club Esperanza. Our tutors jockey to be first in line to sign them out of the office for use in their classroom (I think the kids send them over first thing!).  In fact our internet can’t even keep up with all of them!  It is so great.

As we look towards the future one of the improvements we would like to make for Club Espernaza in 2016 is to complete a computer lab.  We actually have a small room that we can use.  We just need to do some remodeling to make it capable of being a computer lab….including electrical wiring, network system setup, installing desks and computer chairs, as well as Air Conditioning the space so the computers last.  Ideally we would put desktop computers in the lab, so that the mini computers can remain mobile but be checked out and used in classrooms.

There are exciting possibilities.  If you would like to help us with the Computer lab in any way, please email us at

 If you would like to make a donation, just follow this link and make a note on the check “Club Esperanza – Computer Lab”.  

God Bless and thanks for your continued support!


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Persecution of Christians…

In the news these days, it is almost weekly that I read a horrible story of Christians being killed by beheading, mass execution, crucifixion and other disturbing forms of torture.  It is hard to read about and shocking that it is happening today in the 20th century.  It is hard even more knowing that I was born in the United States, gave my life to Christ as a teenager, and have served the Lord joyfully, but with little hardship compared to reading those stories.  The truth is that from the beginning of the church, followers of Jesus have been hunted down, put on trial, and killed for their faith.  Persecution is nothing new in history. Though my life has not personally been touched by it, it is a burden on my heart.

“It was about this time that King Herod arrested some who belonged to the church, intending to persecute them.  he had James, the brother of John, put to death with the sword.  When he saw that this met with approval among the Jews, he proceeded to seize Peter also.  This happened during the Festival of Unleavened Bread.  After arresting him, he put him in prison, handing him over to the be guarded by four squads of four soldiers each.  Herod Intended to bring him out for public trial after the Passover.  So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.”  Acts 12:1-5

I wonder what do I do?  How can I help?  Do I write to congress and ask them to help Pastor Saeed, the American born Iranian pastor who is being held in prison in Iran?  Do I charge off and defend the Christians around the world…especially those who give their lives to Christ after being raised Muslim, knowingly putting themselves at great risk of persecution and knowing there won’t be any government there to help them?  What about Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani and Mariam Yehya Ibrahim?

What do I do, as an American Christian what do I do?

I loved reading the above portion of the Book of Acts this morning.  I was so encouraged when I got to the end of it.  The church saw James killed by Herod, they surely had heard of the public stoning of Stephen.  Now Peter was arrested and set for a public trial that was nearly certainly going to lead to his death for believing in Jesus.  They earnestly prayed.

We need to earnestly pray.

If you have time this morning, read the rest of Acts chapter 12 .  The story of what God did for Peter to set him free is an absolutely amazing story!  We have prayed with our children for Saeed, Yousef and Mariam.  Yousef and Mariam were set free in pretty miraculous ways as well, considering the circumstances.  There are many more stories.

Whenever we read of one of the stories, We need to earnestly pray.

Lord, the world we live in is full of beautiful things and we thank you for all of them and all of our rich blessings.  But there is evil here and we know that you know that.  I don’t understand why some die and some live, but in your Word I read the testimony of it happening since the beginning of the church.  So this mourning instead of letting my mind wander in thought, I earnestly pray once again for Pastor Saeed.  I pray you set him free in such an amazing way that the people around him will see the Love of God.  Be them Iranian gaurds, Sheiks that have visited him, family members who don’t believe, even the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran…I pray you will use this testimony to bring Salvation!  And Lord for all those around the world being persecuted and suffering, I ask that you will comfort them with your presence this morning.  Give them a sweet communion with You this morning.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


If you have not read any of the stories of persecution in the news, this facebook page called 8thirty8 is a great place to go.  I set my phones alarm for 8:38pm every day and go to this page to read and pray for whichever story they post.  A new story is posted everyday.

We should earnestly pray.

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Farrington Fall Newsletter 2015…

Hope this blog post finds all doing well and enjoying the fall with the changes of the season!  We would like to share our most recent newsletter.  If you have a moment please click the link below, we hope you enjoy reading about the good things God is doing here in Nicaragua and in our lives.

Farrington Fall Newsletter 2015 (takes a second or few to load)

Lots of Love from Nicaragua!  -Chris and Krista and the gang


thumb_IMG_2578_1024 thumb_IMG_2325_1024 thumb_IMG_2390_1024 thumb_IMG_2317_1024IMG_2700 thumb_IMG_2308_1024 thumb_IMG_1975_1024

Also wanted to add some more fun family photos from the summer!  Amid all the goings on we got to have some fun with Krista’s sisters visiting and Chris’s mom! Remember the Women’s World Cup Final?  5-2 baby!!!  Kids are growing and growing and growing :)

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Fall Weekend Fun: Scout Troops and McDonalds…

IMG_5866     This weekend we have already had some really fun Ministry going on!  Brinson made a contact with a Local Nicaraguan Scout Troop a few weeks ago and took the leader out to Ruby Ranch to show him the grounds and see about the possibilities of taking his Scout Troop on a camping trip outside of Managua.  When he got there he saw the possibilities right away and they set up a date for this weekend!
IMG_5863   A really cool twist to things happened when we realized the Troops home base was in the same neighborhood as Casa Robles.  So, Papa Yuri gave the leader a call and was invited to drop in on their next meeting to see about our boys joining the troop.  The leader gave them the invite and so the boys from Robles got to join the camping trip this weekend at Ruby Ranch!  It is so cool…you see in this picture where a seasoned Scout is teaching Fredder how to set up a tent.

Hopefully this will begin a partnership with the Nicaragua Boy Scouts and Ruby Ranch that allows for young people to gain some important life skills on these types of weekends.  We would appreciate your prayers for this campout.  They will be there from Friday until Sunday.  It is really so exciting because these types of campouts are not as common in Nicaragua as they are in the United States.  It is impressive and a blessing that the troop has some camping gear, which is certainly not readily available here.  We are praying for limited rain at the camp site and a great weekend for all involved!

IMG_5857    IMG_5861

IMG_2686     The reason I mentioned McDonalds in the title is because we got had some fun on Friday…the official start of any weekend ;).  Sheyla had promised a surprise to our oldest Kindergarden class at Club Esperanza because of their good behavior with their teacher Henriette.  So, we took them on a outing to the Golden Arches.  Sure, we know the food may not be the most healthy, but to be inside with A/C in a giant playground was a priceless moment for these cute little kiddos!  They were all smiles the entire time.  I am pretty certain, that the “Happy Meal” is one of the best inventions ever…food, a fun box, and a toy!  We really had a great time…thank you Jesus for fun times!

IMG_2669 IMG_2689

IMG_2691 IMG_2682

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A tough day…Marcos from Casa Robles

We love serving the Lord here in Nicaragua and we love sharing about the exciting days that we have and the fun things that we get to do in ministry.  But, as it goes in life, there are certainly plenty of days that we have that are tough, hard to explain, discouraging, sad, etc… the entire gambit of negative emotions.  This weekend was a very tough weekend.

Marcos has decided to leave Casa Robles.  Marcos has lived at Robles for almost nine years.  He was with us when we started and if you remember well he could easily have been the poster child for what was wrong with La Chureca.  An eight year old school aged kid, half naked, covered in dirt, hanging off the back of trash trucks and rummaging through the garbage looking for stuff.  Ah man it was such a joy to see the changes in his life as we invested greatly in him knowing that the Lord didn’t want Marcos or any child to live like that.  We took the resources God has given us and put them to the plow.  Angelica and Yuri being excellent parents to him and so many people loved on him over the years.

Last Friday he left a note on his bed just before lunch and slipped out the front door.  His note was so thankful and he said he is making the most “triste y stupido” decision but he was leaving Robles.  It was hard not to worry and be panicked but Marcos is very savvy so we knew he would make his way to a family member’s home.  He made his way back to the La Chureca neighborhood and was with one of his aunts.  Yesterday we met with him for the last time and formally returned him to his grandmother’s care.

It is a tear jerking moment when you see something so bad happening.  We got to pray for him and tell him that we love him.  But still, it was so very tough.  Feelings of sadness, of failure, of disbelief.  The truth is Marcos’s situation is no better today than 9 years ago, his family is an utter mess and the faint whisper of the filth and anarchy and evil of La Chureca is still calling him back.  So this is very hard.  It hurts so much, because after just three days he looked horrible and his countenance had changed entirely.  As an adult, knowing all that he is walking into and how unforgiving and unrelenting the world is, it is very very hard.

Marcos is about to turn 17 and he wanted “freedom”.  It is the difficulty of adolescence and anyone with teenagers knows how quickly things can get crazy.  I wish he would have stuck with us and had those “i want to be able to do this this and this” conversations, because I am 1000% sure that he would be better off.  But we trust in a sovereign God and we cannot grasp and try to control everything.  Believe me we would have gone to the ends of the earth for this young man.  But now, we have to let him go.

This is definitely not the way we plan for things to end.  It is not the ideal ending for his time with us at Casa Robles.  He is part of our family and we would have seen him through high school, college and into whatever life he could have dreamed of.  We aren’t going to give up on him entirely, hopefully the Lord will still allow us to impact his life in some way.

So, please pray for Marcos.  Life is going to be a harder road for him now.   But, I do not believe it is beyond our loving and gracious Savior’s reach to keep him safe, to lead him away from temptation and still to grow Marcos into an Oak of Righteous.  Even if we don’t get to see it for a number of years our hope is that we will see it.  We hope that Marcos will have a good life and he will grow into an honorable Man of God and have a great impact on Nicaragua.  So please please please pray for him, if you wouldn’t mind writing his name down and praying for him everyday.


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Casa Robles: Mission Accomplished….

IMG_2336   …Fun has officially been donated to Casa Robles!  Thank you to those of you who responded so quickly when we put up the photos a month or two ago.  We went the following week to Pricesmart and as it often goes here in Nicaragua Land everything was sold out.  But then, last week I saw the foosball table again and scooped it up right away.  Then two days ago the bikes were back and we were able to get three of them!  The boys were bouncing up and down today when we delivered the bikes.  Papa Yuri promised to send more pictures of the toys in action but we wanted to share this fun news!

From all the kiddos at Robles….¡MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!

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