Casa Robles: Mission Accomplished….

IMG_2336   …Fun has officially been donated to Casa Robles!  Thank you to those of you who responded so quickly when we put up the photos a month or two ago.  We went the following week to Pricesmart and as it often goes here in Nicaragua Land everything was sold out.  But then, last week I saw the foosball table again and scooped it up right away.  Then two days ago the bikes were back and we were able to get three of them!  The boys were bouncing up and down today when we delivered the bikes.  Papa Yuri promised to send more pictures of the toys in action but we wanted to share this fun news!

From all the kiddos at Robles….¡MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!

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Walakitang Update from the Rio Coco…

IMG_2285  We had a really nice meeting with Pastor Victor here in Managua last week.  It was brief because Victor is preparing to guide a team from Verbo Church to Walakitang.  These trips are very intense in the logistical sense as well as being a grueling two to three day journey.  He was having to go ahead of the team to secure a boat for the river as well as check to see the conditions on the river.  There is the possibility of an extra two to three hours by land if the river is running really dry.  Victor makes huge personal sacrifices to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his home community in Walakitang as well as other villages along the Rio Coco.  When you pray for Nicaragua please pray for this man of God.  Ask that the Lord’s presence would go with him protecting him from sin and death, but even more that the Lord would show himself in powerful ways through miracles, healing, and a tangible touchable feeling of God’s presence.  There is nothing more beautiful than someone feeling the presence of God in their lives for the first time and drawing them towards salvation in Jesus.  

    The teams on their way to Walakitang are going to be bringing medical relief in the first part of the month and then later another team will come and do Biblical training.  Next month in October a group will be installing solar panels in the different communities along the river.  There is a great work ahead so please be praying for all of it as well!  All of this is happening under the leadership of Verbo’s regional pastor from Puerta Cabezas, Earl Bouy.  The partnership with Verbo Church (a local non denominational network of churches) has been so important to keep this work going.  

   We were able to give Pastor Victor a very cool gift for members of the church in Walakitang during this visit.  In the picture above you can see the little red contraptions.  They are actually solar powered hand held audio Bibles.  There is a huge thirst for having a copy of the Bible here in Nicaragua and these little devices will be a huge blessing to those who receive them.  Our experience in distributing these audio Bibles is that everyone loves them, but they are especially beneficial to those who are illiterate.  Because of the remote location of Walakitang there are many who cannot read.  We were very excited to be able to get these into Victor’s hands, and he was excited about being able to distribute them.  (Special thanks to Mrs. Mary Register for getting these Bibles donated).

   Again please continue to pray for Walakitang.  These next few months please be specifically praying for Pastor Victor personally and also the missions teams making their way along the river.  Thank you!

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Summer Family Fun…

We had a great full summer with lots of visitors and enjoyed every  bit of it.  God is so good and we love to be a part of what He is doing here in Nicaragua!  We also had some family fun and wanted to post some photos from the last few months :)  The Murrays spent the summer down here sooooooo, it was cousin time!  Our kids loved being able to run around with Cobbie and play with Adelyn all summer….everyone did…they sure are cute!

IMG_2319  IMG_2323

IMG_2316 IMG_2317 IMG_2318

Aunt Ebi came down too to work with her medical teams.  She took the two little princesses on a shopping excursion….Bella was waiting and waiting and waiting for Aunt Ebi to come and take her shoe shopping :)

  IMG_2308  IMG_2283

Mason discovered frogs and a whole bunch of nasty critters seemed to invade our house this summer….it has been a wild ride in that department!  This little dustpan full of friends all happened in one evening in our kitchen!

IMG_2225 IMG_2315

Aliyah has become quite the little artista and she loves using all the painting supplies she got for her birthday.  Mason and Bella worked on their medical future by wrapping Bella’s foot in duct tape.  They did this early one morning after they went climbing on the dorm roofs and she cut her foot LOL!  It was a funny surprise when Mommy and Daddy woke up (sort of).

IMG_2321 IMG_2320

Isabella’s pin says “Ya se leer”….she can read!!!  The other little cutie was learning shapes and got her brother and sisters to help her make a star :)

IMG_2207 IMG_2322

We also got to do something really fun with the kids and go see the Hipica in Managua.  We didn’t let the rain deter and got downtown to watch hundreds of horses trot by along the city streets.  All of the most beautiful horses from Managua make their appearance for this annual event.  It was really cool!

IMG_2309 IMG_2313

IMG_2311And here as the summer was coming to a close Mr. Paul came down with a group of friends from Oregon.  Mr. Paul owns a barber shop in Eugene and he is a pro.  He offered to give Mason a new trim to get him ready for football season…It came out really cool!!!

Thank you again so much for your continued prayers for our family…we love knowing that we have a great group of people that check in on us, pray for us, care for us and support us!  We hope that your fall begins well. 

Love, Los Farringtons

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Extreme Makeover Club Esperanza Edition…

IMG_1993   Earlier this summer we had a wonderful group come down from Tallahassee and go to work at Club Esperanza while all the children were away on their Summer vacations.  Their idea was to do a complete makeover of the Club’s Academic building…painting all the walls, changing color schemes, putting up new wall art, building custom play sets for specified play areas, etc…  All with the hopes that the children and staff would have a HUGE surprise when they got back to school….you know, that “Move That Bus” experience :)

IMG_1988 IMG_2002 IMG_2012 IMG_1996

Well, it definitely worked and the Club looks so beautiful with its new makeover and of course all the kids loved it…it was hard to pull them away from all their new fun play areas!  Even better than that, was how much the teachers appreciated their newly painted and decorated rooms as well as all the teaching materials, portable radios and shelving units they each received in their classrooms.  As anyone who is a teacher can attest to, to have help revamping your classroom is a Huge blessing!  And then to see all the little play units which are so cute….the crew that custom made the kids play areas were so impressive!

11731672_846887662032594_5266199656352564472_o 11717307_846891345365559_4345229860412946371_o 10924201_846888778699149_6206673198608628189_o 11722187_846886788699348_5055567068196631818_o

Thank you all for your help friends from Tally….what a huge blessing!!!

Club Esperanza operates because of the generosity many different people uniting to see the Lord’s good work in the lives of His little ones!

Thank you for all of your help and God Bless!

If you would like to help financially please visit our donation information page.

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Summer Newsletter 2015…

We wanted to share a review of some of the construction projects we completed in the Spring at Club Esperanza and Casa Robles.  It is exciting when we are able to make leaps and bounds at ministry locations…thank you for all of your continued prayers and support!

Farrington Newsletter Summer 2015  (click to open)

If you would like to donate to our ongoing ministry please follow this link.

God Bless and Happy Summer Days!!!


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Narrow Gate Summer Interns….2015

IMG_1860   This is the tenth year of our Narrow Gate Summer Intern/Discipleship Program down here in Nicaragua and we have a pretty stellar crew of young people with us!  Narrow Gate is an opportunity for individuals to come to Nicaragua and serve with us in our ongoing ministries and also combine our missions work with some discipleship and study.  We are into our second week but we wanted to shoot out a blog to introduce them all and ask for you continued covering of prayers for all of us down here!

Our Crew for the summer are Linsey, Franchesca & Callie from Florida, John and Crystal from California, Lindsey from Georgia, Laura from Colorado and Anna-Bel from Arkansas who came back this summer to be an awesome extra set of hands!  Click on their names to read their personal blogs…I will add them as I get the links.

IMG_1861We just finished up our time serving at Club Esperanza.  We spent a week and a half volunteering with the tutoring program and taking care of some odd jobs like painting, trimming a gutter, fixing a little fence and those types of things.  Today was the big fiesta with all of the teachers because it is Teacher Day in Nicaragua.  So, the Narrow Gaters took them all out to lunch at a nice Air Conditioned restaurant!  Then when we got back and they had given all 100 and something kids in the tutoring program 500 balloons to surprise the teachers when they came back into the Club…it was awesome! It was so loud when all 500 balloons started getting popped by the kids :)  It was sort of controlled chaos and then we had ice cream together….big smiles on all of our teachers faces!

As our study portion of the summer, we have been going through Richard Foster’s book “Celebration of Discipline” together, most recently discussing Prayer and Fasting.  We are also reading through testimonies of Christians who are being persecuted and martyred in a book called “Killing Christians”, they are difficult to read and it is equally shocking that these stories are as recent as the last three or four years.  We need to constantly be praying for Christians who are suffering.  Check out this facebook page called 8thirty8 that is a constant prayer guide for persecuted Christians.  Lastly, we are enjoying a book called “Renaissance” by Os Guinness, a contemporary call towards a renaissance in Western Christianity that in recent decades has yielded strength and influence under the shadow modernity.

Starting Saturday they will be living at Casa Havilah and Casa Robles for five days.  We call these times Solo Journeys where everyone gets immersed into Nicaragua culture living in an all Spanish speaking environment.  It should be awesome!

I say that because this group of individuals is awesome and we are having a blast together!  Again thank you for your continued prayers for all of us and for all of the continuous ministry going on this summer.  Jesus is moving in powerful ways in us and through us.

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Club Esperanza: New Intern Familiar Face….

IMG_1832     Diana was born in La Chureca.  Her family was one of those families that was there for reasons beyond their control but made a huge effort to live a life that honored God in the midst of such a difficult place.  Her mother Josefina was one of our best teachers all the way up until the dump was closed, and she only doesn’t work for us now because she was hired as a director of another school.  Don Aurelio is still one of our gaurds at Club Esperanza.

Diana graduated from Colegio Esperanza and has been in High School for the past few years.  This year she wanted to do an internship in office administration so, we set things up for her to do that at Club Esperanza with Sheyla…she has been awesome!  Every time I see her I tell her she is the Star of Club Esperanza :)  Her insternship is coming to an end and she will soon be graduating High School!  Amen.  She is only just turning 17 years old which is pretty amazing considering the place she has come from.

Her story is pretty remarkable and a testimony to one who chooses to follow the Lord and honor Him with her life.  It is also a testimony to a family that fights for what is good.  From the ashes of a dark place comes a beautifully shining star!

We are sharing Diana’s story because we would like to be able to bless Diana with another opportunity.  We would like to be able to offer her a paid internship to finish out the year at Club Esperanza.  We are doing this for a couple of reasons.  First of all she is such a huge help.  Second, it will allow her to continue to learn from Sheyla which will be an invaluable experience for her.

We are trying to raise $100 a month for the rest of year to give a small stipend to Diana and allow her to continue with us at the Club.  

If you would like to help follow this link. (Click here)

Please put “Diana Club Esperanza.” in the memo line on a check or the note section on paypal.

Thank you and most of all I know Diana would love to know that you are praying for her…please ask God to bless this young woman greatly!!!  Amen.

IMG_1762 IMG_1767

Here are some really cool pictures from a new mural on the wall at Club Esperanza.  It was painted a few weeks ago by a high school art class from Norfolk Christian School in Virginia.  It is really beautiful so since I am blogging I wanted to share it.  Things are going great at the club and we are faithfully serving our nearly 300 hundred children every day through a fun and exciting summer…hoping and praying for hundreds more just like Diana!

IMG_1783 IMG_1779

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